Chicken Drumstick steamed in Salt


I found this recipe from a friend on Facebook and give it a try immediately.

At first I expected it to be salty but then it turned out my chicken drumstick was no-salty, instead it tasted so good with the pure flavor of chicken & the smell of lemongrass.

The recipe is simple & easy – for one.

* Ingredients:

– 1 chicken drumstick

– 200gr raw sea salt

– 2 stalk lemon grass – thinly slice

– 1tsp refined salt

– 2 tsp lime juice

– 1 Chili, thinly sliced

* Direction:

– Spread the salt all over the surface of a small pot. Then comes the layer of sliced lemon grass.

– Place the chicken drumstick on the lemon grass, cover the pot and cook about 30 mins.

– Mix the refined salt, lime juice & chili together to make the dipping for chicken.

Serve hot.

*NOTE: It’s not so easy to clean the pot, you must soak it in water in about 5-6hours and then it’s much easier to clean.


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