Restaurant review: Phở 24

This is my very first time at the famous Pho 24. Last week when I asked my boss’s brother about having pho here he said “forget about it, not worth trying”. But i still want to know why. Now that I know – quite clearly.

As this is quite expensive, I decided to have it today – this morning I was so down & tired & was hoping pho 24 could cheer me up. Funny me.

The decoration was good, the color, chair, table… neat & clean.

I ordered beef pho & a flan for dessert. Just nothing to say about the pho, not so good, not so bad; the beef was OK but it would be much better if they have marinated it with ginger which would erase the smell of beef. When I finished my pho, I noded my head at the waitress & surprisingly she brought me the bill! There was only 4 customers in the restaurant at that time! I told her I haven’t finish yet, she said “oh my god” & then told the other one to bring me my flan. This – I don’t like. The surface was pock-marked & the taste was too sweet.

The other thing is, all of the waitresses here – they were talking & laughing so loudly. In such a restaurant like Pho24 this should never happen. They chatted with each other while waiting for customer to make order, to pay the bill… one can’t feel comfortable in such condition.

So, i’m not saying I hate Pho24, but surely won’t come back again. For your reference, the price was:

– Beef pho: 35,000VND

– Flan: 12,000 VND


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